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    One picture always brings endless memories         

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Bronze Package 300$

A Bronze package is a two hour service that comes with unlimited photo prints within time period. Two copies always come out, so two individuals get a copy. After you take your photos just give me 15 seconds to give you your photos. Props will also be added to make your night fun and memorable.

Silver Package 650$

A Silver Package is a four hour service that comes with unlimited photo prints within time period. One picture is for the people taking the photo and the other picture is for the photo album.  The photo album will come with little messages people write down and it will hold a                                            copy of each photo.                         Props will also be added to make your night fun and                                      memorable.      

Gold Package 750$

A Gold Package is a four hour service  that comes with not only unlimited photo prints, but videos aswell within time period. 1 photo will be for the ones taking the photo and the other picture will be for the host of event. Props will be added to make your night fun and memorable. A dvd will be mailed to you after event, with all the photos and videos in movie format.